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This is exactly the sort of evolution I'm expecting to see around the Internet. When Web-based (i.e. DHTML) applications are too limited in terms of functionality and user experience, you need to offer a full-blown, desktop-like application that is connected to the Internet and manipulates information that resides on the Internet.
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Plutôt qu'une nouvelle version de son site, eBay propose depuis le
début du mois en bêta test son eBay Desktop. Une sorte de widget
qui permet à son utilisateur d'utiliser les services du site d'enchères
depuis une interface beaucoup plus ergonomique et intuitive. Découverte.

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DocSyncer Bridges Your Desktop With Google Docs

Someone is finally realizing that desktop applications are not going away anytime soon...
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One of the biggest drawbacks to working with Webtop productivity applications such as Google Docs or Buzzword is that they force you to work simultaneously in two different worlds: the online world and the desktop world. You can upload your desktop documents one at a time to these services, and they convert them for you into a Web-based document, but there is no easy way to bulk upload your docs. And syncing between the two worlds is more trouble than it is worth.

A new service called DocSyncer hopes to fix all that.

It uploads all of your Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) from your desktop to Google Docs and then keeps them in sync. Whenever you make a change on your desktop, the change is automatically reflected in the corresponding file on Google Docs, and on DocSyncer.com.
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mini-crowd.pngCrowdSpirit is a crowdsourcing community built around designing electronic products and staying involved throughout their product life cycle. Users submit ideas for innovative electronic products that the community fine tunes and votes on. The best ideas and their product specifications rise to the top where investors provide financing and development partners make prototypes. Once products have been made they are tested by the community and recommended to retailers. Users involved with product creation can earn a share of the product revenue. Typical products will include MP4 players, DVD players, computer peripherals, headphones, etc.

A Q&A community consultation service for problems and ideas that may be possible. Deeper than say Yahoo Answers, focus is on products and prototypes.

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Salesforce Enters Custom Application Market With Force.com

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Salesforce will enter the custom software market next week with the launch of Force (site will go live Monday morning), a new platform that will allow developers to create database driven applications and deploy them as services. So if Salesforce doesn’t offer what you are looking for, and no one has built it for you on Salesforce’s AppExchange, you can simply build it yourself using the Apex framework.

At its core Force competes as a development platform with .NET, Java, etc. But there are also a slew of startups that have focused on allowing people to easily create and deploy database driven applications - DabbleDB, Zoho Creator, LongJump, Coghead and WyaWorks, among others. All will take a hit from Force. In fact, this may be sort of game ending for them. Salesforce has its eyes on much bigger fish than those startups.

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Microsoft Officially Launches Silverlight

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Microsoft Officially Launches Silverlight

Microsoft has officially launched its Flash rival Silverlight .

Silverlight 1.0 provides cross browser support under both Windows and OS X, and in a partnership with Novell will also be available for Linux.

Silverlight was initially released to rave reviews in late April, with Michael Arrington saying that it would become “the platform of choice for developers who build rich Internet applications.”

Microsoft has rolled out a number of Silverlight powered applications since then, including Live Station, Popfly and Tafiti.

Microsoft has also announced that a number of content providers will be providing Silverlight enabled content online, including Entertainment Tonight, HSN and World Wrestling Entertainment.

For a full explanation of what Silverlight does read here.

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ContactOffice, a web office suite

ContactOffice, a web office suite, is announcing that it has upgraded its online office suite to version 2.0 after months of development.
The newly upgraded platform is completely powered by AJAX, giving it a more fluid and seamless integration. It was developed using the open source Google Web Toolkit, and in addition to featuring a higher level speed and usability, it still sports messaging, calendaring, contact management, document sharing, Skype integration, SMS, fax, bookmarking and notes.

ContactOffice, which has 350,000 users, was founded in 1999 and was profitable by 2003. Two subscription packages are available in the form of paid and free versions, and companies are able to brand the online productivity suite with their own logos.


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